La Baguette Deep Deuce is here to make you smile. Oklahoma City’s coolest new locale best described as a Parisian Café with an American twist. The menu features our famous treats along with a vibrant brunch menu, salads, sandwiches, and much more.

Explore the Unexpected at Black Walnut. Blending American cuisine with the neighborhoods rich cultural history, the menu is eclectic and vibrant. Dressed but not dressy, Back Walnut is the perfect balance of thoughtful food and an unbuttoned atmosphere.

Grey Sweater is a dining experience that offers a three-tiered tasting menu that highlights the most unique and unforgettable flavors from all over the world. It is a peak into Chef Blacks newest creations and ideas.

Andrew Black

Executive Chef and Co-Owner

"Cooking is an art - have fun with it!"

This is more than Chef Black’s motto, it’s his approach to life. Andrew’s passion for food and cooking is evident in the way he challenges traditional rules and lets his creativity run wild. His unique outlook on life and cooking is a result of his island upbringing. A native of Jamaica, Chef Black grew up around constant cooking and fresh food, which sparked his passion for food. Cooking was always there for him as a getaway and as a way to discover the world.

Andrew spent most of his early culinary career traveling the world and cooking throughout the Caribbean at various resorts. In 2001 Andrew headed back to the United States, where he joined The Peabody Hotel Group in Memphis, Tennessee as the Executive Sous Chef. In the summer of 2006, Chef Black went abroad once more to complete his culinary training at the legendary Ritz-Escoffier in Paris France. In 2007, he was invited to move to Oklahoma City to reopen the historical 4 Diamond hotel, The Skirvin, as Executive Chef. Chef Black then moved on to Williams & Associates Hospitality where he held the title of Vice President of Culinary Operations and played a key role in the culinary operations for the Colcord Hotel and Devon Energy - spearheading the development and opening of their two major restaurant concepts: Flint (tavern concept) and Vast (fine dining concept).

Now, Chef Black has created something of his own as the Co-Founder and Executive Chef for Culinary Edge. This triple-restaurant concept consists of three separate restaurant experiences in one space - La Baguette Deep Deuce, Black Walnut, and Grey Sweater.  Culinary Edge is pushing the boundaries of the dining experience, and Chef Black could not be more excited to be a part of that revolution.


Rudy Khouri

Executive Chef and Co-Owner 

"So far it's been a beautiful ride."

Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Culinary Edge Rudy Khouri has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years. Since founding La Baguette in July of 1984, Khouri's incredible journey has led up to the founding of Culinary Edge - a restaurant "housing" company. A stern business background coupled with a willingness to bring something new to Oklahoma led to the creation of the company in 2015 which now boasts three restaurant concepts.

The restaurant concepts each encompass different energy, aesthetic and taste. The concepts are Grey Sweater, a three-tiered tasting menu concept; Black Walnut, thoughtful food and an unbuttoned atmosphere; and La Baguette Deep Deuce a Parisian café with an American twist.

Culinary Edge

Culinary Edge is about pushing boundaries. Not just using cutting edge methods and practices, but creating them. Being on the frontlines of a food and dining revolution, for our generation and for those down the road.

The co-founders of Culinary Edge, Chefs Andrew and Rudy, wanted to build a place that focused not just on food, but on people and culture as well. They knew their space could fit 3 separate restaurants, and that if they took advantage of that architecture, they could offer a complete lifestyle of food rather than one static restaurant. The concept was simple: people are not static in their moods or tastes, so why should a restaurant experience be? Culinary Edge will be comprised of three separate restaurants, each encompassing a different energy, aesthetic, and taste.